Image by Tony Pham
Image by Tony Pham

Talent Process

Proven Results

Think Health - Think Talent! Supercharging your workforce requires attracting the right talent through a well-designed recruiting process. 

Talent Process

Our approach to talent acquisition is personal, intentional, and well thought-out. Our team of experts are perfect for your staffing needs.

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Ready. Aim. Fire.

We start with an evaluation. We work to understand your culture, mission, and values. From there we dive into the benefits being offered and help you leverage those in talent attraction. We will create the marketing collateral, perform behavioral assessments, and wrap up with a compensation analysis for the positions you're looking to fill.

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Building Blocks

Our talent division will create the necessary job descriptions, compensation and benefit benchmarks, build out your interview questionnaire and train your internal interview team.

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Market Approach

Launch Time

Start by posting the available positions on multiple platforms. Our team will then screen leads, perform technical and behavioral testing, review resumes and develop recommendations for your leadership team.

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Interview Process

During this process, our team will work with your internal team to schedule interviews, rank and score candidates, and begin planning for second-round interviews. Once the second round concludes, we help finalize any last-minute needs, create offer letters, and begin the hiring process.

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All Aboard!

Once your selected candidates have been hired, we will shepherd the transition from our team to your HR team so that they can begin the onboarding process.